Here’s Why You Should Book Your Holiday Far in Advance

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Aside from the fact that you will generally get a better value holiday and more choice on available flights and hotels when you book your trip further in advance, there is another reason to plan to jet off months before you travel.

Studies have shown that having something huge to look forward to, such as an exciting holiday, actually reduces stress levels and makes every day tasks and work much more tolerable. Enjoy this for as many months as you can!!!

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5 thoughts on “Here’s Why You Should Book Your Holiday Far in Advance

  1. Couldn’t agree more! I love planning trips – not only does it give me something to get excited about, but it takes the stress out of it once on holiday meaning you can really enjoy yourself 🙂

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  2. The anticipation and excitement are half the fun. I have relatively concrete travel plans for places I may never go. It’s the plan for the stuff that is actually coming up that is really invigorating though. Knowing that you’ll be there soon, and your planning will soon make the experience all the more worthwhile.


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