What does it all matter, anyway?

Morbid… Or positive??? Depends on your mood and how you choose to take this.

Cuddle Your Globe

Speaking broadly, we humans (as a race) don’t like change.

‘I don’t fly because it’s scary’

‘I won’t travel by myself because something bad might happen!’

‘I simply cannot quit my job and uphaul my entire life to travel!’

‘I will do it one day.’

Well one day is slipping further away. We avoid change because we are afraid. Afraid that our lives will change to such an extent that we don’t know how to control or manage it anymore. In reality, we are actually stopping ourselves from being happy.

In the grand scheme of things, none of these worries even matter. We all will die one day, very soon. It is our job, solely, to fill up the short and precious time we have on this planet with the most exciting and educational experiences we can.

It’s time we stop fear from holding us back and start really living.

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