It really is simple. This quick and easy tip will make all your future trips easier, more comfortable and you will be accepted by the local community.

Learn some of the local language!

Not a vast amount and I don’t mean you should be fluent; far from it! Here are the best sentences or phrases that by learning before you set off on your travels will improve your journey immensely.


‘How much?’

‘Thank you’

‘No thank you.’

‘Where is ____?’

Counting from 1-10

To test the theory, whilst in India I wore sunglasses and had my dark hair on show and ordered two train tickets to Trivandrum. The cashier charged me local rate which is approximately 5% of the tourist fare. Also, when local sales people start swarming around you trying to sell you holiday tat, a simple ‘No thank you’ in their language will earn you a little respect and they are a little more likely to leave you alone.

It’s also advisable in certain countries to dress appropriately. For example in Pakistan, a female tourist is expected to wear a Hijab (headscarf) and in parts of the Middle East you must cover up. This will stop you looking like a cliche target tourist.



11 thoughts on “This simple advice will ensure you are the best traveller…

  1. 100% agree! It’s amazing how it can improve your experience to know basic phrases. And these days with the internet it’s so easy to learn them.

    I credit my very broken Italian for keeping me from getting lost once in Italy. Just knowing how to say “Where is…” and understanding the response probably saved an hour and a lot of frustration.

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  2. Valid and pertinent points !!! Also, from my travel experiences, I have observed that familiarity with the non-verbal communication of the target country helps a lot – especially when all you are doing is giving the native broken words, hoping he will arrange the words and understand !!! I made extensive use of hand gestures and facial expressions to great success when I was in Japan, enabling me to get the precise information and directions I was looking for !!! 🙂


  3. Nice post. I’ve a couple more I like to learn as well:
    – one/two beers, please
    – that food was delicious

    Bottom one in particular I love, because people always appreciate the effort to learn something fun like that


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