I’m going to share with you a story from one of my travels.

The first friend I made in any of my solo travels was a girl called Mandy. We clicked instantly. She was beautiful and fun. She was also a great help to get me out of my shell and make friends with other travellers.

We spent a lot of time together over the weeks and I realised she was everything I wanted to be. We all have an ideal ‘blueprint of ourselves’, I wish I was more active or motivated. She would wake early every morning and go running barefoot along the beach and would sit outside her room at night and paint. I really admired her. Mandy didn’t get too drunk, she was confident and goal driven.

She also gave me great advice about current relationship problems I was having as she had been in a similar long distance relationship and could share her experiences and tips.

She was unique, she didn’t have Facebook or other social media accounts. She preferred people to write to her if they wanted to contact her.

I felt that we grew very close and in another circumstance could have been life long friends.

When we came to say goodbye, true to form, she gave me her email address so I could write to her. The really strange bit was, the email address didn’t work and her phone number was a local sim so didn’t work back in her home country and I never spoke to her again. I’m fairly certain she didn’t give me a fake email. It got me wondering, did I just imagine her the whole time we travelled together?! Or, was she a secret celebrity back in her country? Perhaps, I will never know.


8 thoughts on “The Elusive Traveller

  1. Wow! A wonderful memory! The “ghost” from Christmas past? (just kidding) Sorry you lost touch. I’m sure you both would still be very close, even though you aren’t together. Thank you for sharing your memory with us!


  2. Life is something so mysterious… I love the expression “ideal blueprint of ourself”. I have someone like that in my life right now. A girl friend that found me a little less than a year ago, and that has been enriching my life ever since. We clicked like you and Mandy. Our story is a bit different because we have never met. We started writing to eachother through a language exchange website, and then switched to email, but we never even spoke on the phone. There is just a magic in our epistolary friendship that I think neither of us want to break. In a world drowned in technologies, old fashion contact forces people to wait for eachother, and I love it… I wish you meet Mandy again someday, the world can be so small when you are bound to bounce into one particular person… πŸ™‚

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