In this world, in any country with any kind of tourist there, you will always find two different types of traveller.

There is the ‘research’ traveller. This is the person who (before they even pick a destination) knows every town, village, tourist attraction and even the terrain before they have booked their ticket. They have an itinerary planned out with such detail for a full packed day, every day of their trip and they cannot come off schedule at all.

Then there is the ‘freestyle’ traveller. This is the person who finds a destination on a map, books a ticket and finds out what it’s like when they get there. They don’t plan a schedule because they go with the flow and may end up moving on when they are out there anyway!

We are all one of the two. Come on, admit it! Which one are you? 


12 thoughts on “Are You a ‘Research’ or a ‘Freestyle’ Traveller?

  1. A bit of both, but definitely much more ‘freestyle’ than ‘research’. I don’t want to know too much about the place I’m going before I get there, sort of defeats the purpose if you ask me… 🙂


  2. A bit of both too, I like to know some things of where I plan to travel, and see a map or two, but once there I like to live like a local, eat the local foods and interact with local people and get to know all about the place!

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