Why Everybody Should Travel Solo.

Cuddle Your Globe

Everybody knows someone who has travelled parts of the world by themselves and raved about how immense it was, or maybe you have. If you haven’t, common thoughts on those who have done it include :-image

‘are they mad?!?’

‘weren’t they afraid?’

‘didn’t they get lonely?’

‘wouldn’t they be worried about making no friends and having nobody to talk to?’

‘will they be safe?’ – especially for young females!!

These are all common worries that would have gone through the minds of the people who did the solo travelling. For me, it was when I got on the plane by myself at the start of the journey. I thought I was mad. I had never been able to eat alone in a restaurant and yet here I was, in an aircraft heading to South East Asia, completely alone for months without a soul in the world to keep me company.

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