5 reasons why short-haul travellers need to travel long-haul.

Cuddle Your Globe

Almost everybody travels the world, be it once every few years or every few months. But if it’s for leisure reasons, what influences where they choose to go? Price? Weather? Activities? Child friendly? No children allowed? Many people choose to travel shortimage haul for comfort reasons or medically are unable to fly long haul which is fair enough. Others do not feel interested in venturing further afield than a 2-3 hour flight or think it will be miles more expensive.

It is my belief that many people living in the UK feel that the world ends after Europe or the East coast of America. I assure you, it only begins there

  1. Cost – a flight to Asia or South America may be more than double the price of a short haul which automatically puts a lot of people off travelling. However, the cost of accommodation and living locally is so…

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