Why Easyjet is One of the Greatest Airlines

We all have our favourite airlines and most would say theirs are a shiny new modern Airbus with all the gadgets and features to occupy oneself during a long haul flight which is all good and well. Some of the greatest, in my opinion include Emirates, Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways.

Despite being a ‘no-frills’ airline, I have found over the years Easyjet to be absolutely fantastic. I have flown with them over fifteen times and they have never disappointed. Here’s why;

They are reliable: I have never had more than a 30 minute delay with them which is more than I can say for some of the far more reputable UK airlines. Obviously many people will have experienced a delay with them, but on average they are miles more reliable than comparible airlines.

Helpful Staff: the cabin crew are very professional, efficient and helpful. I have travelled with friends who have been sick and nauseous during our flight and the staff went out of their way to ensure they were as comfortable and looked after as possible.

Safety – Easyjet have never had a fatal accident recorded since they began operations in 1995. They were also recently given 5* safety award according to airlineratings.com

Comfort – the seats give a fairly standard minimum of 29″ inches (which is the distance from the front of your seat to the back of the seat in front). You can request exit seats or pay a fee for a few extra inches on some of their aircraft. The best bit about these seats is that they cannot be reclined so the chair in front won’t end up in your face immediately after take off.

Good in an emergency: on a 5 hour flight returning to the UK with Easyjet, a passenger started having chest pains. Within minutes the plane had landed on short notice on a small runway on a Greek island. It turned out the passenger was having a heart attack. Easyjet’s quick response to this may have saved his life. The man was met by an ambulance and quickly escorted off the aircraft leaving  the rest of us to continue our journey with only a very short delay.

Equality and Diverty – passengers with special requirements are treated with dignity and respect. Wheelchair users and passengers with children and pushchairs are normally given automatic priority boarding. If travelling with an infant they usually allow for extra luggage, check the details before you fly.

Granted they do not have personal TVs or much entertainment to shout about, but they are ideal if you need a low cost, reliable, friendly and safe flight. No more cheesyjet.

(Author’s personal view and has not been credited by Easyjet for this article)



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