5 reasons why short-haul travellers need to travel long-haul.

Almost everybody travels the world, be it once every few years or every few months. But if it’s for leisure reasons, what influences where they choose to go? Price? Weather? Activities? Child friendly? No children allowed? Many people choose to travel shortimage haul for comfort reasons or medically are unable to fly long haul which is fair enough. Others do not feel interested in venturing further afield than a 2-3 hour flight or think it will be miles more expensive.

It is my belief that many people living in the UK feel that the world ends after Europe or the East coast of America. I assure you, it only begins there

  1. Cost – a flight to Asia or South America may be more than double the price of a short haul which automatically puts a lot of people off travelling. However, the cost of accommodation and living locally is so much cheaper than Europe which will save you a small fortune on local spending. You could easily spend less on a long haul holiday to Thailand or all inclusive in the Caribbean than you may spending two weeks in Italy.
  2. Flight time – long haul travel can be quite off putting for some people as it seems like you are stuck in a chair in the sky forever to get there… Untrue. Many flights to Europe take 4-5 hours, for only 1-3 hours more you can be in the Middle East or parts of Asia!
  3. More £ for your £! You can actually get better value for money by changing your cash up into another currency. Unfortunately, as we know, the Euro has not been very exciting for us for some time now. Travelling long haul means you can wave goodbye to that nasty conversion to the euro and get far better value.
  4. Culture – most people are happy to take their children on a ten hour flight to Florida to visit theme parks, however if you travel the other direction, you can teach your children so much about diversity and different ways of living by visiting Asia or the Middle East. Florida is fantastic also, but variety is good for the soul.
  5. Activities – Asia has an abundance of stunning beaches, wildlife parks, white water rafting, jungle treks, mountain climbing, diving and snorkelling, superb cuisine and friendly people. This is openly available to people of most ages at such low prices that Europe just isn’t comparible.

Not to mention the weather, some longer haul destinations give you guaranteed sun or much longer summers. Next time you are thinking about booking a trip, try looking further afield, you may be very pleasantly surprised.


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