Why do we travel?

Why do we travel?

We spend more on travel than perhaps on a vehicle. I for one could have bought a house with the amount of money I have spent on travelling. Security at airports creates anxiety in nearly all of us and as you come through the customs clearance you are certain that they will think you are a terrorist. The flights are long and uncomfortable and you have potentially days of jet lag to look forward to, even once you have arrived at your destination.

So why do we travel?

Purchasing ‘travel’ seems obscure. It’s one of the very few times in life when you hand over a large amount of money and afterwards have absolutely nothing physical to show for it, except for a slightly faded tan or perhaps an injury from skiing.

So why do we travel?

People have all kinds of reasons to travel. An opportunity to recreate a new version of yourself in a land far, far away. To recover from a broken heart. To make new friends. To fantasise about starting a new life over somewhere completely different where nobody knows you and the trip is just a taster of how this life could be. To emerge yourself in a new culture with new things to see. To simply complete your travel ‘to-do list’. To run away.

I am guilty of all of the above reasons to travel, and many more. I desire and crave visiting new and foreign lands.

Why do you travel?


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