Mangrove Forest Malaysia


The photo of the eagle above the water is one of my favourites and was taken purely by accident. I was on a boat in the Mangrove forest in Langkawi, Malaysia and was positioning my camera to take a photo of the waters when the beauty flew into shot, to catch a feed I assume. The Mangrove Forest is a secret world filled with eagles, rare brown wing stork-bill kingfishers, monkeys, dragon flies, lizards and snakes. It is also home to a very rare breed of monkeys that can actually swim! It is a criminal offence in Malaysia to damage any of the natural landscape including the trees. I was informed that during the horrific tsunami, nothing was damaged in the stunning mangrove forests due to the protective barrier provided by these trees – pretty cool!

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1.mangrove1 1.mangrove

Many tours operate through these areas and visit a fish farm and bat caves which are incredible. The caves are dark and absolutely stink! The bats are everywhere, you need to watch your step incase of bat poo! I found out that they use one claw to cling on to the walls and rotate every hour or so when they get tired – how cute!



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